We are running this survey on the new book that we wrote. We would like to know if you would like to read it so we can be guided on how many copies to print.  The title is “37 AGRI STORIES Full of Farm Tips To Make You Rich”  Would you be willing to pay P200 for a copy? Thank you!


WRITING about Agriculture has been a most gratifying journey in my career as an Agri Journalist spanning more than 50 years. Purveying the good news in Agriculture has given us a feeling of self-fulfilment, a most rewarding adventure. Every time we interview a successful farmer, researcher and other players in the sector, we gain so much of their know-how which we can adopt in our own brand of small-scale farming. Oh yes, aside from writing, we are also a hands-on farmer.

GRATEFUL – Each interviewee also usually becomes a grateful friend who doesn’t forget what we have written about him or her. There are times when they tell us that because of our write-up they have become some kind of a celebrity in their community. Of course, that is thrilling to hear.

LIVES TRANSFORMED – Even more heart-warming to know is when our readers tell us that they have benefited so much from the countless practical ideas we have shared. They tell us that our stories have transformed their lives for the better. One example is a swine and poultry raiser who had been losing a lot of money because of the high cost of feeds, medicines and other reasons. When he saw the picture of a highly productive hot pepper variety that we featured, he decided to plant the same and was profusely thankful because of the big income that he made.

LOTS OF AGRI GOOD NEWS – An agri journalist can never run out of topics to write about because there are so many new developments that come his way. More examples? One is called Fedgrozyme, a probiotic that costs so little yet saves so much on livestock and poultry feeds. You will read that in this book. Another is Snap Hydroponics, a technology developed by a professor in UP Los Baños which continues to benefit many small-scale entrepreneurs to this day. Subjects to write about are really countless. And that always makes us excited.

THANK YOU, MANILA BULLETIN – When I joined Manila Bulletin in 1991 I was given a lot of space for my columns and news stories. Every week, the Agriculture Page appeared on Thursdays and Saturdays. At the same time I was also given a Garden Page in which we focused on money-making opportunities in horticulture. No other broadsheet in the country had regular pages such as these. I also ran an Agri-Talk column in Panorama magazine, the Sunday supplement of the newspaper.

AGRI MAGAZINE – The Agriculture Magazine which I also edited was launched in 1997 which meant more space for my articles. This was followed by the vernacular magazines, also published by the Bulletin, which published my columns. These include the Liwayway, Bannawag, Bisaya an Hiligaynon. Agriculture Magazine is the most widely circulated magazine of its kind in the country today.

BLOGGING – I have been blogging for the last 15 years and I have learned valuable lessons from this activity. Page viewers particularly love to read stories with valuable farm tips. More so about farmers making money from farming. And that is why we have focused in this new book valuable farm tips and money-making ideas in agriculture.

CAN’T ASSURE YOU – We can’t assure you that you will become rich by reading our book. That will depend on your own initiative. Anyway, just read it. The ideas you will get might open new opportunities for you. Enjoy reading!

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  1. I am most definitely interested in owning a copy of your new book. I live in Sweden and I usually travel to the Philippines whenever I can, however, this is not possible this year. I, therefore, would like to hear about the date when this is to be published and where is it best to look for it. I am a subscriber to your monthly AGRICULTURE publication but I get to read the issues only when I am home, as they are mailed to my sister’s address.

  2. Hi Sir, Im one of your followers, your articles on Agriculture inspire me always as an agriculture enthusiast.I learn a lot from you.
    Hopefully I can avail your book.
    Thank you sir for sharing your knowledge.May the Lord bless you always.

  3. Hi, Zac. I have been reading your published articles on a daily basis, even when I was still working abroad. Ive learned so many things. It keeps inspiring and motivating me about the joy and pleasure of farming. Am a son of a farmer and even while I worked abroad for thirty seven years, I had always wanted to go back to the farm after retirement. I go home every year for the past 23 years and planted all kinds of fruits and hard wood/century trees. I bought them from UP Los Banos college of Forestry and Agriculture. I finally retired two years ago (am now 68) and have gone back to my six hectare farm in Wao, Lanao del Sur. I have planted 1 hectare of Durian (chanee, puyat and arancillo varieties), 1.4 hectare of maharlika class rambutan, 1 hectare of Mahogany, 30 green and violet caimito, 20 Mangga-Cebu, 15 lanzones trees, 15 pomelo trees, and several fruit trees of green Avocado, seedless duhat, makopa, apple guava, jackfruits and guyabano. I am very much interested to buy your red orange jackfruits. Do you have a market outlet in Mindanao?

    By the way, please send me a monthly copy of the Agriculture magazine. I’ll send you the money. Here’s my complete address:
    Francis M. Banaynal
    2123 Kassod Avenue
    Xavier Estates Subdivision
    Cagayan de Oro City 9000

  4. I am really very interested to read your new book. In fact, I have two of your books which I bought when I attended Agri-Kapihan in Taytay Rizal (harbest office). I have attended all sessions of Agri-Kapihan in 2019. I have meet you before personally together with your friend, Toto Barcelona. Ubfortunately, Agri-Kapihan was dicontinued for this year. For your info, I am a subscriber of your blog, regularly receiving posts from you. Thank you very much. Please let me know when you will launch your book. God bless you

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