Susan Roces Is Dragon Fruit Queen

Sliced dragon fruit from the garden of
Ms. Susan Roces which she sent to ZBS
Movie Queen Susan Roces is also Dragon Fruit Queen as far as the
editors of Liwayway, Bannawag, Bisaya and Hiligaynon magazines
are concerned. They enjoyed tasting the dragon fruits from Ms. Roces.
Editors and staff of the vernacular magazines published by the
Manila Bulletin show slices of the dragon fruit sent to this blogger
by Ms. Susan Roces, a most popular movie actress and endorser
of affordable but effective medicines. 

THIS BLOGGER, Zac B. Sarian, got the most pleasant surprise of his life today, August 28, when most respected Movie Queen Susan Roces sent us a bag full of dragon fruits she harvested from her garden. We shared the fruits with the editors and staff of the Liwayway, Bannawag, Bisaya and Hiligaynon Magazines and they certainly enjoyed eating the healthful fruit. And in fact they suggested that Ms. Roces might as well be called the new Dragon Fruit Queen.

Here’s Susan Roces’ letter that accompanied the fruits written in her own penmanship. Here it is:

Dear Mr. Sarian,

Let me share with you my joy from the dragon fruit harvest I got from my garden.
A few years ago a friend gave me the plant she said she got from your plant nursery in Teresa. I planted it in a pot and took good care of it yet the growth was so slow. It bloomed and gave me one fruit.

In one of the issues of your Agriculture Magazine, I saw pictures and read the article on how they were grown in the Ilocos region, in sunny areas in plots propped in poles.
To blend with the rest of the landscpe in my garden I had two plant boxes made with an entry way in the center, installed wire mesh across, filled the boxes with garden soil and dried chicken dung. I bought a few more dragon fruit plants and added them to what I originally had.
With not much care they grew so fast and lush and in a few months had lovely white blooms which later developed into fruits.
The red fruits looked so beautiful on the vine. I enjoyed looking at them first before harvesting.
Thank you Mr. Sarian for propagating and making us aware of plants and trees and how they can give us so much pleasure.
Susan Roces

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