SWEET BIOSTIMULANT: Makes Fruits Sweeter With Improved Color And Longer Shelf Life

A new product that is claimed to make fruits sweeter, improves their color and promotes longer shelf life is now in the Philippines. This is called Sweet Biostimulant, a product that consists of plant extracts manufactured by Valagro, a top biostimulant manufacturer in Italy.

\Sweet Bio makes fruits sweeter with better color and longer shelf life.

Longkong lanzones can be made sweeter with Sweeter Biostimulant now distributed by Zetryl Chem Phils.

Sweet Bio, for short, is a liquid that is mixed with water and then sprayed on the leaves and fruits. In papaya, for instance, 50 to 100 ml (2 to 4 caps of the container) is mixed with water in a 16-liter knapsack sprayer. It is first sprayed on the fruits and leaves about 13 days from harvest. This is followed by another spraying 7 days from harvest.To treat the succeeding fruits on the tree, spraying is done every 15 days.

Aside from papaya, Sweet Bio can be sprayed on mango, lanzones, Abiu, dragon fruit, watermelon, honeydew melon and other fruits with thin rind.

Harold Hazel A. Larete holding a liter of SWEET BIOSTIMULANT.

Sweet Bio is distributed by Zetryl Chem Philippines. For more information, call Harold Hazel Larete, assistant general manager, at 0917-816-1909 or Bien Magcalas, senior marketing executive, at 0998-961-2961 It is available in one-liter pack.

Bien Magcalas is Zetryl’s senior marketing executive. You can contact him at 0917-503-8080
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