Sweet Kamias, Take A Bow!

Whether you are a commercial grower or a hobbyist, one strategy in growing fruit trees is to go for the unusually superior varieties that could become a favorite in the marketplace.
One not-so-well known variety that could be a money maker if grown commercially is the sweet kamias. This has a special taste compared to the ordinary variety. It is not sour but has the aroma of the ordinary variety.
Of course you will say that the sweet kamias is not good for sinigang. Of course, it is not. But then, as attested by a Chinese lady friend, it is superb for use as one of the ingredients in salads that will contain leafy veggies, shrimps, tofu and other ingredients.
The sweet kamias is a very fruitful tree just like the common variety. Only the fruits are a bit smaller than those of the ordinary kind. That’s no problem. The volume of fruits produced by a tree could be comparable to that of the sour variety.
We could just imagine that if one has several hundred sweet kamias  trees, the fruits could be packed in transparent plastic containers and offered for sale in upscale supermarkets. It could command a premium price.
Of course, the sweet kamias is not only good for use in salads. It could be eaten fresh for snack.
We have tried propagating sweet kamias by marcotting but this does not work quite well. The roots that develop are very tiny and the marcot does not readily establish. What is easier is to propagate by means of seeds. The seeds will readily germinate and will grow fast with the right potting medium and if given the right growth booster after the seedlings are established with several pairs of leaves.
There are many other superior varieties that you can plant for long term production. For instance, one fellow who has a farm in Laguna has decided to plant the Key Lime in big numbers. He has already targeted a special market that has assured him to purchase his harvest. The fellow has just bought over a hundred grafted plants that will start his project. He could multiply his initial plants to come up with a really commercial operation.
Seedlings are now available at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery. Contact Rose at 0915-434-4216 for more information. You can go to Teresa Teresa Orchard & Nursery. It is along the
road, 30 meters before the Teresa-Morong boundary. Teresa is next town to Antipolo City.
Seedling of the Sweet Kamias propagated
at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa,
Rizal. Taken care of properly, it will bear
fruit in three to four years from planting.
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