Yes, The Sweet Kamias Will Bear Fruit In A Container

A lady buyer of two Sweet Kamias seedlings asked us if the fruit tree will bear fruit if she planted it in a container. Oh yes, it will bear fruit in a container. We have proven that in our own farm in Teresa, Rizal.

Sweet Kamias grown in a rubberized container is bearing fruits at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

The Sweet Kamias is not really that sweet. But we call it Sweet Kamias because it does not have any trace of sourness at all unlike the ordinary variety that is very sour but which is perfect for “sinigang.” Our Sweet Kamias is very nice to eat for snack. You can pick one and eat it right away. You will really like it. Or you can harvest many fruits, chill them in the refrigerator and you wil enjoy eating the more as a snack food.

One Chinese lady who had tasted the Sweet Kamias immediately had an idea how she can use the fruit. She said it is perfect as companion of other ingredients in vegetable salads. And she was very right.

A very fruitful Sweet Kamias at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

How do you grow the Sweet Kamias in a container? We prefer the rubberized container because it is very sturdy. But if you don’t have one, you can plant it in a half drum or something similar. What is important is that you use a growing medium that is rich in organic matter and which easily drains. In our case, we use 40 percent garden soil combined with 30 percent rice hull (not necessarily carbonized) and 30 percent Durabloom organic fertilizer. The proportions may not be that precise.

Situate the plant in a sunny location. Too much shade will make it lanky and not robust. Every month you can apply two tablespoons of complete fertilizer, buried in the soil. You may also add some organic fertilizer every couple of months. And don’t forget to water the plant when the growing medium gets dry. Don’t overwater.

We accidentally discovered how to induce fruiting of the kamias in container. One of our plants was growing too tall, more than six feet with a solitary stem. Because we didn’t like it to grow taller, we topcut it, leaving several leaves. Lo and behold! In just a few weeks, flowers emerged which developed into normal-size fruits. (The fruit of the sweet variety is more slender than the sour one). We topped another plant and the result was the same.

How do you multiply the Sweet Kamias? We have not been successful in marcotting. The easiest way is to germinate the seeds. The trick is to let some of the fruits ripen on the tree and when they fall, you extract the seeds. The seeds will readily germinate. Grafting is not advisable because the scion is much too big for the rootstock.

There’s one business possibility. If someone will produce Sweet Kamias in big volume, we believe packed fruits will sell well in supermarkets. That’s a new money-making opportunity.

Seedlings are available at the Sarian Farm. Contact Rose at 0915-002-1368.

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