Sweet & Luscious Marang, Cheap Too


Plump and juicy arils. Very nicd to eat.

In Manila we really don’t enjoy eating marang (Artocarpus odoratissimus) because most available fruits in the market were harvested not fully mature. That’s because ripe fruits don’t last in the shelf. And they are very expensive, too.

But if you happen to  travel to Davao and along the road going to Bukidnon, you will really enjoy eating the marang being sold in roadside stalls. That’s what we experienced on August 17, 2018 when we finished more than one properly ripe fruit that must be at least two kilos. We didn’t get the exact weight because the seller did not have a weighing scale. He just sold on a per fruit basis at P15 apiece.

The aril was so plump, sweet and juicy. We really enjoyed eating the same. At another roadside stall, we bought super cheap mangosteen, really nice fruits that were newly picked from the tree. The price? P40 per kilo.  We bought seven kilos and we paid just P280 for everything. In Manila the same could cost more than a thousand pesos. In downtown Davao City, though, the going price at that time was P80 per kilo. Then we stopped at another stall for an Arancillo durian at P20 per kilo.

Now,   we can tell you, we really enjoyed our trip to Davao and Bukidnon.

The fruits we ate came from this tree at the roadside.






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