SWEET PEARL – A Waxy Corn As a Project

SWEET PEARL - A Waxy Corn As a Project
SWEET PEARL - A Waxy Corn As a Project
Sweet Pearl has long ears filled to the tip.
Here’s a possible project you can undertake. Plant Sweet Pearl, a white waxy corn that has become popular among growers in Rizal. These days, the roadside sellers are selling only boiled corn of Sweet Pearl in Teresa, for instance.
That’s because the customers love Sweet Pearl. Now the roadside stalls don’t want to sell the ordinary white variety because their size is very variable, most of the ears are short.
In the case of Sweet Pearl, the ears are long and the kernels are soft and waxy. That’s why buyers don’t mind paying P25 for two pieces, whether boiled or not.
East-West Seed which distributes the planting materials say that Sweet Pearl can yield more than double that of the ordinary white corn. It has  uniform growth and the big ears are filled with kernels up to the tip. It is also early maturing – harvested in just 60 to 65 days from sowing.
Now, here are the profitability figures. You need 10 kilos of seeds to plant a hectare. That’s about 66,000 seeds worth P8,800. The other costs of production include land preparation, furrowing, seed sowing, fertilizers (complete, urea and muriate of potash), pesticides, other labor and miscellaneous costs. Estimated total cost of production, including the seeds, is P38,700.
Based on the performance of actual farmers, there are 29,000 marketable cobs consisting of 22,000 Class A; 5,000 Class B; and 2,000 Class C. The profit depends on how much the farmer can sell his harvest.
SCENARIO 1 – If the price is Very Low: Class A fetches P2 per ear, P1.50 for Class B, and P0.50 for Class C. Gross sales is P52,500 and net profit is P13,000 per hectare.
SCENARIO 2 – If the price is Low: Class A fetches P3 per ear, P1 for Class B, and  P0.50 for Class C. Gross sales is 72,000 and the net profit is P33,300.
SCENARIO 3 – If the price is Medium: Class A, P4 per ear; P2 for Class B, and P1 for Class C. Total sales is P100,000 and the net profit is P61,300.
SCENARIO 4 If the price is High: Class A is P5 per ear, Class B, P3, and Class C, P1. Total sales is P127,000 for a net profit of P88,300.
SCENARIO 5 – If the price is Extremely High: Class A, P6 per ear; Class B, P4, and Class C, P2. Gross sales is P156,000 and the net profit is P117,300.

There you are. Timing of production is important. This means producing when there is least competition, or when nobody else is planting. Learning the right techniques in production is also very important. Technicians of East-West who will supply the seeds can help you if you are just a beginner.

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