SWEET SAMPALOK: Copy the cacao with wide-spreading branches!

Young sweet tamarind can be trained to develop low wide-spreading branches like the cacao shown in the other photo.
This cacao with wide-spreading branches is very fruitful.

Take a look at the cacao with low-growing, wide-spreading branches. Impressive with its high number of fruits, is it not? Now, you might want to apply the technique to other fruit trees. We are thinking of the sweet sampalok or tamarind if you have one in your farm or garden. Why donโ€™t you copy the technique and apply it to your sweet tamarind?

This very fruitful cacao has wide-spreading branches. To induce branching, topcut the one-year-old tree about two feet above the ground. When the new branches develop, train them to develop side-wards.

Make sure to take good care of your cacao tree. Fertilize them adequately with organic as well as chemical fertilizer with trace elements. Give the plants ample space. Space them about five meters apart. If the trees are growing too close, the tendency would be for the branches to develop upwards.

In the case of the sweet tamarind, give it ample space. The tip of the wide-spreading branches should be at least 5 meters from its main trunk. Topcut your young sampalok tree (4 to 5 years old) six feet above the ground. This will expose the whole crown to full sun. Donโ€™t allow new growth to develop upwards. New branches should be trained to develop sidewards.

Adequate fertilization with organic as well as chemical fertilizer that contains micronutrients will make your sampalok tree bear a lot of fruits which will be very convenient to harvest. Try this. Will you?

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