Sweet Sorghum Processor

ANTONIO ARCANGEL of Batac City, Ilocos Norte, is a serious private investor in producing various sweet sorghum products.
He has been making vinegar out of sweet sorghum. Another product is sweet sorghum syrup. The latest we heard is that he has been able to produce sweet sorghum sugar powder through spray-drying. The sugar produced has low glycemic index which means it would be better than the sugar from sugarcane, especially for diabetics.
As of the moment, spray-drying is being done at the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). A commercial spray-dryer costs about P1.4 million. Hopefully, Tony would be able to acquire one through a research agency of the government.
Sweet sorghum juice is first turned into syrup. The syrup is then spray-dried to produce the sweet sorghum sugar powder.
Photo shows Tony Arcangel showing a bottle of sweet sorghum syrup.
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