Sweet Sorghum Syrup Better Than Honey?

A laboratory analysis in India shows that Sweet Sorghum Syrup is superior in some aspects to Honey. For instance, Sweet Sorghum Syrup contains 1,810 mg potassium per 100 g while Honey contains only 90 mg. Syrup contains 160 mg calcium per 100 g while Honey contains only 5 mg per 100 g. Syrup contains 11 mg phosphorus while Honey contains 4.10 mg only. Syrup contains 10 mg Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) while Honey has only 0.06 mg.

The analysis was done by CFTRI of Mysore, India and ITALAB Pvt. Ltd. of Mumbai, India.

In the Philippines, Antonio Arcangel is the only fellow who is producing Sweet Sorghum Syrup commercially. His product is now distributed in 75 outlets from Ilocos in the North up to Metro Manila. Sweet Sorghum Syrup is now used for sweetening coffee, pancake and others. It is also taken by itself. A couple of tablespoons may be taken at a time as food supplement.

Arcangel says he takes Sweet Sorghum Syrup one shot at a time. He claims it has been keeping him alert and in good condition. He can drive his car straight from Ilocos to Manila without resting along the way.
Arcangel also produces Sweet Sorghum vinegar through a protocol he has developed through the help of the Bureau of Agricultural Research. With the financial help from DA-BAR, he has also developed a protocol in making Sweet Sorghum Syrup.
He is also set to produce commercially Sweet Sorghum Sugar Powder, a new product that he developed. Previously, Sweet Sorghum juice could not be made to crystalize. Cooking it only resulted in the production of syrup. Now he can convert syrup into a powder which is said to retain the nutrient contents of the syrup. He is again expecting the support from DA-BAR to pursue his new project.
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