Sweeter and Juicier Pummelo

Neil Calo has given us this feedback regarding his pummelos: “Mr. Sarian, happy to give you feedback on my Magallanes pummelos. After spraying Power Grower Combo and Heavy Weight Tandem, there was heavy fruiting. The fruits are sweet and juicy, unlike before which were tasteless and dry.”

Power Grower Combo and Heavy Weight Tandem are formulations of Mr. Alfonso G. Puyat that are now registered with the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority. PGC is a growth accelerator which induces the plants to take up nutrients from the soil. It also contains about 11 chelated micronutrients, hence the plants grow fast.

Heavy Weight Tandem, on the other hand, contains a lot of potassium and micronutrients. As explained by Mr. Puyat, the potassium facilitates the transfer of the synthesized plant nutrients in the leaves to the developing flowers and fruits. As a result, in the case of fruit trees there are more fruits that are bigger, more uniform, sweeter and juicier. In the case of rice, the panicles are longer and the grains are heavier.

Mr. Calo, by the way, is a gentleman farmer who runs his poultry and fruit farm in Laguna. He used to be a top executive of a big corporation. Now, he is enjoying his farming which he runs as a business.

If there are no distributors in your place, you can text your name and address to 0917-847-5477 so you will receive a textback that will tell you how you can buy PGC and HWT. Orders from Metro Manila as well as from the provinces will be sent by courier.ย 

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