Resistant Cavendish for Small Farmers

Dr. Agustin Molina and Dr. Emily Fabregar checking the fruits ofresistant Cavendishย variant in the Lapanday banana plantation inCallawa, Davao City. Two variants have been observed to be resistantto the Fusarium Wilt disease. These variants will be tissue-cultured forgrowing in small farmer’s fields in Mindanao under a new project ofBioversity International […]

Big Banana From Honduras

HILDA MONTILLA NILDA MONTILLA of Teresa Orchard & Nursery shows an opened ripe fruit of a big banana variety from Honduras, courtesy of Dr. Agustin Molina of Bioversity International who introduced the same in the Philippines.ย ย The plant could produce a bunch that could weigh 30 kilos or more. One hand […]

Tissue Culture – Boon And Bane

Tissue culture is a science-based technique of propagating certain plants fast, very fast. That’s a technique used in multiplying orchids, banana and many other crops. This is the technique used in multiplying disease-free banana planting materials just like the ones grown by the big as well as small scale Cavendish […]

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