Dr. Rene Sumaoang Expands Pelletized Durabloom Fertilizer Production

DR. RENE SUMAOANG, manufacturer of Durabloom organic fertilizer, is expanding production of his pelletized fertilizer. He has acquired a bigger pelletizing ย machine to significantly increase production after observing that rice farmers are particularly interested in his pelletized organic fertilizer. He explained that ordinarily, farmers apply their basal fertilizer during land […]

WHAT’S NEW: Durabloom Bio-organic Liquid Fertilizer

WHAT'S NEW: Durabloom Bio-organic Liquid Fertilizer

DR. RONALDO SUMAOANG of Novatech Agri-Foods Corp. has come up with a new bio-organic foliar fertilizer derived from fish hydrolysate. The hydrolysate is the liquid that results when the fish trimmings are subjected to enzymatic action. The enzymes break down the proteins into nutrients that are readily absorbed by plants. […]

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