Philippine-Israeli Agri Training Project Extended

The Philippine-Israeli Center for Agricultural Training project has been extended for two more years. The memorandum of agreement extending the project was signed recently by Sec. Virgilio de los Reyes of the Department of Agrarian Reform and Israeli Ambassador Menashe Bar-On. Under the project, young Filipino farmers are sent to […]

Ornamental Fish in the Desert

THE GINAT FISH was one of the companies in the desert area of Arava in Israel that was visited by a group of 32 journalists from various parts of the world, including this blogger, Zac B. Sarian, from the Manila Bulletin. ย  Breeding aquarium fish in the desert? Eviatar Ginat, […]

100 Tons Sweet Pepper per Hectare!

In the Arava desert, in the southern part of Israel, 8 settlements consisting of some 3,000 residents produce 60 percent of the vegetables exported by Israel to Europe, United States and elsewhere. Ximena Ramirez Ayala stands at a promontory on Arava Desert in Southern Israel. Behind her are greenhouses as […]

Pomegranate Aril Separator

ELIAT RAM, an executive of Agritech 2012, shows how to eat fresh pomegranate seeds with aril that are newly extracted from the fruit by a machine that separates the aril from the non-edible parts of the pomegranate fruit. That.s me, Zac B. Sarian, at extreme left. The machine which was […]

Israel dairy cows: 12,000 liters each per year

High-tech agriculture in Israel is producing record yields in both animal and field crops. Vegetable farmers produce as much as 300 tons of tomatoes per hectare per year under greenhouse. And in the case of dairy cattle, they also have the highest production in the world โ€“ some 12,000 liters […]

Strawberries Grown Above Ground

In the Philippines, farmers grow strawberries in plots on the ground. This has been the practice for as far as we could remember. Oftentimes ย problems arise because the soil could be contaminated with harmful microorganisms that damage the plants. One more disadvantage is that the fruits that are touching the […]

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