Paraoakan Becoming A Favorite Native Chicken

Paraoakan breeders at the Abalos farm. Paraoakan is becoming the choice of native chicken raisers. And it is for a number of good reasons. ย ย  Paraoakan, of course, is the native chicken from Palawan. Of the several strains of native chickens, Paraoakan is the biggest of them all. It has […]

Day-old Paraoakan Chicks Available

ERNESTO ABALOS is seriously pursuing the commercial production of Paraoakan chicks because of the increasing interest of native chicken raisers.Paraoakan is a native strain from Palawan which is bigger than the other Philippine strains. They have longer legs and neck, and bigger bodies too.One of their recent buyers is a […]

Paraoakan Chicken Sold Like Hotcake

Ernie Abalos’ organic Paraoakan eggs were a bestseller at Agrilink at P10 apiece. These are the Paraoakan chickens displayed by ErnieAbalos at Agrilink. They were bestsellers. Among theย big buyers at P700 apiece were the fighting cock breederswho want to cross the same with their so-called Texaschickens. Paraoakan is a native […]

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