FRUITFUL TAMARIND BONSAI -Thanks to Power Grower Combo

FRUITFUL TAMARIND BONSAI -Thanks to Power Grower Combo

The tamarind bonsai of Dorie S. Bernabe on display at the on-going garden show (Nov. 13 to 23, 2014) at the Quezon Memorial Circle is getting a lot of attention because it is laden with so many fruits. When asked by so many people including exhibitors about what she did, […]

Power Grower Combo Doubles Sugarcane Yield

Continuing tests in commercial sugarcane farmersโ€™ plantations reveal that application of a special formulation of plant growth accelerator can substantially increase yield, even possibly doubling cane tonnage as well as sugar yield. This is the special formulation of Power Grower Combo developed by Alfonso G. Puyat which has been used […]

Power Grower Combo on Django Pepper

JONATHAN GODOY of #34 Dariwdiw, Batac City, has a revealing experience in using Power Grower Combo on his Django finger pepper. Last March 12, he received his order of one pack of Power Grower Combo, the growth promotant developed by Alfonso G. Puyat.He conducted his own experiment. He sprayed on […]

Heavy Rice Grains With PGC And HWT

MRS, TERESITA FLORES of Isabela has re-ordered 2 packs of Power Grower Combo (PGC) and 3 packs of Heavy Weight Tandem (HWT) for her rice farm. That’s because she was so satisfied with the application of the two growth promotants developed by Alfonso G. Puyat. Jerome, Mrs. Flores’ son, said […]

Power Grower Combo Works Wonders On Ferns

DORIE S. BERNABE, president of the Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines, is excited about the Power Grower Combo, the plant growth accelerator formulated by Alfonso G. Puyat.She reports that the dying ferns which her assistant, Beth Mariano, sprayed with Power Grower Combo suddenly came to life and have […]

Feedback: Power Grower Combo on Waxy Corn

Fernando Gabuyo of Tondod, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija, told us an exciting experience using Power Grower Combo on Sweet ย Pearl, a waxy corn variety usually cooked as boiled corn on the cob.He sprayed his corn plants with Power Grower Combo when they had four leaves. He sprayed again five […]

Power Grower Combo Works Wonders On Tobacco

Frederick Pinpinio showing a big leaf ofhis Burley tobacco sprayed with PowerGrower Combo. A special fertilizer that has been proven to more than double the yield of sugarcane and fruit trees also does wonders on Burley tobacco. This is the Power Grower Combo, a plant growth promotant formulated by Alfonso […]

Super Pechay?

This is from the garden of Mr. and Mrs.Rodrigo Espaรฑa in General Santos City. No, it is not a special variety of pechay. It is one of those ordinarily available in seed stores. It just happens that it was sprayed with the special fertilizer formulation of Mr. Alfonso G. Puyat, […]

How To Apply Power Grower Combo on Sugarcane

A ratoon crop could grow fast with Power Grower Combo. Here’s the protocol on spraying Power Grower Combo on sugarcane as recommended by its inventor, Mr. Alfonso G. Puyat. FIRST FOLIAR SPRAY – This is very important but optional.ย  In the case of a Ratoon Crop – Spray after stubble […]

Guyabano Powered by Power Grower Combo

On Nov. 8, 2012, Mark Dorothy of Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte, received his order of Power Grower Combo, the special fertilizer formulation of Mr. Alfonso G. Puyat.On January 3, 2013, he reported to us: I just want to tell you that after spraying Power Grower Combo a few times, a […]

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