Power Grower Combo Doubles Sugarcane Yield

Mauro and Melanie Merculioand their sugarcane sprayedwith Alfonso Puyat’s PowerGrower Combo and Silikon The application of a special fertilizer formulation on sugarcane has virtually doubled the yield in terms of cane tonnage as well as in sugar yield. The treated cane plants yielded 265 tons per hectare compared to 138 […]


FEEDBACK: On Power Grower Combo

The Power Grower Combo fertilizer formulation of Alfonso G. Puyat has impressed Alex Fernandez of Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. More than a month ago, he bought one pack of the special fertilizer for trial in his farm of rice and fruit trees. He was excited in telling us that a Longkong […]

Berba Fruit

Ripe fruits of the Berba tree at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery BERBA is considered a minor fruit which is usually grown by hobbyists or collectors of unusual plants. It bears small round fruits that turn bright yellow when ripe. Inside are a few seeds which are coated with a […]

Productive Life of Mungo Prolonged

Fenando Gabuyo (right) and Zac B. Sarian with mungopods being dried in the sun. FERNANDO GABUYO AND WIFE ERLINDA Mungo sprayed with Puyat’s productsproduce long pods and productive lifelife is prolonged. A couple who grows mungo in between the wide rows of their calamansi trees are very happy these days […]

Power Grower Combo Induces Pomegranate to Flower

Unopened flower buds of Pomegranate Bhagwa variety. This is the opened flower of Bhagwa Pomegranate from India whichflowered after the plant, only one year old, was sprayed with AlfonsoPuyat’s Power Grower Combo about three weeks earlier. WE ARE truly excited to see flowering for the first time our one-year-old Bhagwa […]

Boosted by Power Grower Combo

THE Power Grower Combo of Alfonso G. Puyat really works wonder in enhancing the fast growth of plants like the grafted Longkong lanzones in photo at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. After being sprayed with the special fertilizer formulated by Mr. Puyat, long new shoots emerged soon […]

Power Grower Combo Boosts Pomegranate Growth

THESE are Bhagwa pomegranate which are grown in rubberized containers at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery. These amazingly grew fast in the last two weeks, putting up new shoots and the leaves are very healthy.  This could be the result of spraying with Alfonso G. Puyat’s Power Grower Combo about two […]

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