Sweet Kamias Multiplied In Teresa

The Sweet Kamias is now being propagated in big numbers at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. This is in answer to the clamor of enthusiasts to have at least a few plants in their farm or garden. The Sweet Kamias is not sour as the ordinary variety […]

Phillip’s Sanctuary in San Mateo

Pepe Pestaño and a sweet balimbing at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery. FELIPE “PEPE” PESTAÑO in the past 15 years has been planting a lot of fruit trees as well as mahogany in a 16-hectare property in San Mateo, Rizal. Today his efforts have been richly rewarded with fruiting mangosteen, […]

Super Pechay?

This is from the garden of Mr. and Mrs.Rodrigo España in General Santos City. No, it is not a special variety of pechay. It is one of those ordinarily available in seed stores. It just happens that it was sprayed with the special fertilizer formulation of Mr. Alfonso G. Puyat, […]

Profusely Flowering Perante Orange

PHOTO shows a profusely flowering Perante Orange grown in a rubberized container at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. Two weeks before the photo was taken, the plant was sprayed with Heavy Weight Tandem, a special fertilizer formulation by Alfonso G. Puyat. This formulation contains high potash plus a […]

Tissue-Cultured Mama Sita Banana

A VERY limited number of tissue-cultured Mama Sita banana is now available at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. We are making this announcement because so many have previously asked if the seedlings are now available. They are, but just about 150 pieces.Mama Sita banana has now become […]

Indon & Thai Visit Teresa

EDGARDO LADORES (right in photo) and his Indonesian and Thai visitors visited the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal on Nov. 24 looking for fruit trees and unusual plants. One ot the plants that caught their fancy was the African banana, Kasirakwe, which has dark pseudostem or trunk. This […]

Myrna Paredes Goes For Longkong

Ripening Longkong fruits. MYRNA PAREDES goes for Longkong. Myrna Paredes owns a big mango plantation in Medina, Misamis Oriental. When we met her at the  National Mango Congress in Mandaue City, Cebu, she sounded rather frustrated with her mango trees because they require so much work. They have to be […]

Grafted Super Avocado Now Available

These are the grafted Super Avocado which are now available at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. Tel. 0917-841-5477 or Rose at 0915-434-4216 Opened frujt of Super Avocado. The flesh is fine-textured, fiberless and with mealy consistency. The Super Avocado weighs as much as a kilo. GRAFTED Seedlings […]

R-5 Rambutan in Teresa Orchard & Nursery

MYRNA MAGALONG AND DORIE S. BERNABE The R-5 Rambutan variety is in season at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery and Myrna Magalong and Dorie S. Bernabe really enjoyed partaking of the luscious fruits. The R-5 Rambutan was the first prize winner in the Fruit Search in 1996 which was entered […]

African Banana In Teresa Orchard & Nursery

 ZBS,  Myrna Magalong and Dorie S. Bernabe. A NEW banana from Africa is now growing very well at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. Kasirakwe is its varietal name. The plant in photo was planted as a tissue-cultured seedling on March 31, 2012 and is now very robust […]

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