Feed School Children Fresh Eggs Instead of Noodles

Feed School Children Fresh Eggs Instead of Noodles

Very recently, Sen. Grace Poe made a speech in the Senate batting for an intensified school feeding program. She stressed the need for a sustained program that will address the nutritional requirements of school children. We agree that a physically and mentally healthy young generation will surely ensure a population […]

An Unusual Indigenous Tomato

Henk Pascha and a profusely flowering indigenous tomato plant. The Lanchang Experimental Farm of East-West Seed International in Chiang Mai Thailand collects indigenous germplasm from various parts of the world which it grows under greenhouse conditions.  A high-tech laboratory of the company at the Simon Groot Research Station in Sansai, Chiang […]

Vibrator For Pollinating Tomato

You can pick up many novel farming techniques if you visit the Lanchang Experimental Farm of East-West Seed International in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Like this practical but very doable  technique of pollinating tomatoes with the use of a battery-powered vibrator. Here, a lady worker places the tip of the vibrator […]

Unusually Tall Hot Pepper

Many unusual vegetables are being grown in the Lanchang Experimental Farm of East-West Seed International in Chiang Mai, Thailand. These include the hot pepper in photo that grows up to 10 feet tall under greenhouse conditions. The variety is very prolific, producing fruits from the bottom up to the top. […]

Fresh Eggs For Lunch For Thai Students

CPFoods Philippines executive Arnnop  Jeanprasertand Ban Busoong student Supakorn Ninaksorn witha tray of brown eggs from the school’s poultry project. The Philippines can learn a few smart lessons from Thailand when it comes to feeding undernourished school children. Instead of buying noodles as is the usual practice in the Philippines […]

CPFoods’ CSR Makes Thai Farmers Rich

Breeding Pigs Pakdee Thai Siam is the presidentof Nong-Wah Agricultural Village. Arnnop Jeanprasert (left) of CPFoods Philippinesat the briefing at Nong-Wah Agricultural Village. Nopachat Panyawachiropas is a contractgrower raising 2,100 fatteners at a time. Big companies with a well-focused Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) could transform the lives of poor farmers, […]

Hi-Tech Lab at Simon Groot Research Center

We were among the few who were privileged to observe the high-tech laboratory, the Molecular Genetics Lab, at the Simon Groot Research Center, East-West Seed International, in Sansai, Chiang Mai, Thailand last February 24, 2013. This can provide molecular markers that help senior researchers to facilitate their plant breeding work. […]

What’s Up In Hot Pepper

Prolific finger pepper with yellow fruits. This is the hot pepper with foot-long fruits. At the breeding station of East-West Seed International at the Lanchang Farms in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a lot of interesting developments are happening. We visited the place last February 5, 2013.One hot pepper that stood out […]

Slanting Trellis

In many instances, trellises for viny vegetables are constructed standing erect. This one used for French beans Ayoka at the Simon Groot Research Center (SGRC) in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is slanting.  It has its own advantages. The leaves have a wider exposure to sunlight, and the fruits hang for easy […]

How To Produce Big Makopa Fruits

These are big fruits of green makopaat the Talad Thai Market in Thailand.Only one fruit is retained per clusterso that the mature fruits are big. The green wax apple or Makopa being sold at the Talad Thai Market in Thailand are really big compared to fruits that are produced by […]

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