What’s Blooming: Tillandsia Fasciculata

What's Blooming: Tillandsia Fasciculata

TILLANDSIA FASCICULATAย is a large species belonging to the bromeliad family. This is widespread in Florida, Central and Southern America and the Bahamas Region. Most common names associated with this species are “Giant Airplant” and “Cardinal Airplant”. The beauty about some medium to large sized tillandsias like the fasciculata is the […]

What’s Blooming: Tillandsia Glabrior

What's Blooming: Tillandsia Glabrior

Tillandsia glabrior is another species in the genus Tillandsia. Early studies classified it as a sub species under T. pueblensis, and some believe it to be under T. schiedeana and T. utriculata but what is definite is its origin from Mexico and northern South America, most of which are found […]

What’s Blooming: Tillandsia vernicosa

What's Blooming: Tillandsia vernicosa

Tillandsia vernicosa is a species in the genus Tillandsia. Its name “vernicosa” means “polished” after its floral bracht. This species is native to Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. This air plant develops bloom spikes in the shades of yellow, orange and red and blooms white small flowers. Tillandsia vernicosa is a […]

Lady Bedecked With Tillandsias

THIS is something you will see at the Flora Filipina Expo, a lady bedecked with Tillandsias. This must be the booth of my friend Rene Dofitas who is a most successful bromeliad breeder based in Bacolod City.ย ย Rene and wife Doreen are attending the 3rd Flora Filipina Conference (Feb. 24 & […]

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