Take Care of Your Plants (Agri Tip No. 17)

WHATEVER you plant, don’t just leave them to Mother Nature. You have to take good care of them. One grievous mistake many aspiring as well as long-time farmers make is to buy expensive planting materials, plant them, and then just wait for them to bear fruit.

No. From the very start you have to provide the necessary care. Prepare the soil properly. If you are planting fruit trees, for instance, give your plants a good headstart. Apply adequate organic fertilizer in the planting hole. Water the plants whenever needed. Provide good drainage, remove the weeds and monitor if there are pests and diseases that should be controlled.

We remember a former governor who was boasting that he had already planted a thousand grafted pummelos. He invited us to see his orchard. We were appalled at what we saw. The trees were heavily laden with fruits but they looked emaciated. There trees were suffering from gummosis and the fruits were ย  infested by rind borer.

We later learned from the caretaker that he had been nudging the governor to buy fertilizer but his requests were invariably ignored. When the fruits matured, most of them had dry flesh.

The lesson is, it is much better to have just a few trees that are well taken care of than having thousands that are neglected.

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