Tarragon Makes Refreshing Tea

A very healthy Tarragon

IN PHOTO is a very healthy Tarragon grown in a recycled car tire filled with vermicompost. It is grown in the Permaculture Farming showcase at the East-West Seed Company in San Rafael, Bulacan.

Many people find it difficult to grow healthy and robust Tarragon. But the secret at East-West is the use of organic growing medium

The Permaculture Farming team headed by Robert Acosta produces vermicompost in cemented bins covered with GI sheet.

The worms are fed with vegetable trimmings, kitchen waste from the company’s canteen and other biomass available at East-West.

By the way, Tarragon makes a very refreshing tea. Take about ten leaves, place them in a cup of boiling water, and presto! You have a tea you won’t easily forget.

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