IN THAILAND: Triple Deck Pickup Truck Delivers Bananas To Talad Thai Market

While going over the pictures we took during a trip to Thailand, we were really amused by the pickup truck that was delivering bananas to the Talad Thai Market, a big wholesale market for agricultural produce north of Bangkok. It is really a big one and we always visit the place whenever we have a trip to Thailand.

Pickup truck with a triple deck load of bananas for the Talald Thai Market north of Bangkok.
Front view of the pickup truck.

It was built by a private individual, and a monument of the founder has been erected not far from the entrance of the huge market. The market is where the traders supplying different markets in the country buy their supplies. Naturally, prices at Talad Thai are very much lower than what you would buy at the Otoku market in Bangkok. We had our picture taken beside the founder’s monument.

By the way, we gathered from the Talad Thai Market website that the market occupies 72 hectares and it was opened to the publicin 1997. A total of 120,000 tons of agricultural products, including imported ones, are traded every day. The yearly transactions are worth US$6 billion. About 100,000 people work there every day. Chairman of the Board is Mr. Prasit Phatapaprasit, formerly a high government official.

Zac B. Sarian posing beside the monument of the founder of Talad Thai Market.
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