The Chairman Is A Red Radish Breeder

Rosy Silver, the red radish bred by Known-You Chairman Chen Lung-Mu.

Sliced Rosy Silver makes an attractive ingredient in salads.

When we asked Known-You Seed Chairman Chen Lung-Mu what variety he developed that he can be very proud of, he answered “Rosy Silver”. This is a radish with red skin and white flesh that has beautiful root shape. It makes a very attractive ingredient in salads because of its bright color. Of course, it is also used in many other food preparations that use radish.

The chairman had hands-on experience under the tutelage of his father, Chen Wun-Yu the founder of the company 50 years ago. He was an on-the-job trainee at Takii and Sakata, two big seed companies in Japan. He also studied breeding tomatoes at the University of California-Davis in the United States.

He is now 67 years old. Frank Chen, his son who studied business management in the United States, has joined him as a vice president of the company.Frank’s wife who was a classmate at the National Taiwan University is a plant breeder at Known-You.


Chairman Chen Lung-Mu bred the red radish Rosy Silver.

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