The General’s Prolific Longkong Tree

This prolific 8-year-old longkong tree is one of ย 150 trees belonging to Gen. Recaredo Sarmiento II, former chief of the Philippine National Police.

He is growing his exotic fruit trees in the family farm resort, Ouans Worth Farm, in Lucena City.

His trees have been ย bearing fruits twice a year, something he attributes to his application of a lot of organic manure as well as Alfonso G. Puyat’s formulations of growth enhancers (Power Grower Combo and Heavy Weight Harvest). A total of 60 out of the 150 trees are heavy with fruit and will be harvestable in early January this coming year.

Photo shows Gen. Sarmiento’s grandchildren enjoying posing with the ripening fruits that were harvested last June. By early September, the trees bore flowers again and these will be harvestable early next year.

The Sarmiento grandchildren and prolific longkong tree.
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