The New AANI Weekend Market at FTI

The New AANI Weekend Market at FTI
The Fish Section where live tilapia at 3 pieces to a kilo is sold at P90 per kilo.

One place where residents in the southeastern part of Metro Manila can do their marketing for fresh agricultural and aquatic produce is the new AANI Weekend Market at the FTI in Taguig City.

From its former venue behind Sunshine Mall, it has transferred to the former Helipad Area which is more convenient for the market goers. The place is maintained clean and the pathways are wide enough. There is also a lot of parking space for customers.
Of course, the most important attraction is the availability of a lot of fresh vegetables from both the highlands of the Cordillera as well as the pinakbet type vegetables grown in the lowland.
You will find Mary Bandy of Baguio selling the subtemperate vegetables like bell pepper, carrots, cabbage (green and violet), salad tomatoes, snapbeans, sitsaro, heading lettuce, green onion and many more.
Of course you will also find a lot of fresh lowland vegetables like hot pangsigang peppers, eggplant, tomato, ampalaya, radish, cucumber, sitao, patola, upo, squash of all shapes and sizes, and a lot more.
And then there are the fresh fruits. You can choose pineapple, mango, lakatan banana, saba, avocado, guyabano, jackfruit, atis, santol, rambutan, lanzones, pummelos and many more.
There’s also a wide variety of seafoods. Live tilapia at three pieces to a kilo was selling at P90 per kilo during our visit last Saturday. There are crabs, mussels, oysters, tuna, groupers, snapper, galunggong, seaweeds for salad, and a lot more.
All kinds of native delicacies, pies and pastries are available at the AANI Weekend Market. You will see one making your favorite Puto Bumbong right in front of you. There are also freshly cooked bibingka and suman.
Jane R. Santos and Jane G. Regino are also there to make a pitch for their best-selling pies and pastries. The two are the big bosses of the Rowena’s Pies and Pastries of Tagaytay. Their company is well known for their “Pasalubong” specialties.
There’s a food court at the weekend market, and it is where many of the market goers enjoy freshly cooked dishes, barbecues, herbal juices, Japanese food like sashimi, Philippine goat caldereta, laing and the like.
Lovers of flowers and ornamental plants also have a wide variety to choose from. Ferns, philodendrons, orchids, bromeliads, hoyas, medinillas, aglaonemas, anthuriums (both flowering and foliage), dieffenbachias, ground covers and many others are all available.
By the way, AANI or Agri-Aqua Network International is the pioneer in popularizing weekend markets. It was the one that opened the Sidcor Sunday Market in Cubao in 1996 as a result of the weekly holding of the Agri-Kapihan.
At that time the Sidcor area was a “dead spot” as far as business was concerned. But the holding of the Agri-Kapihan made the place alive. It all started when some of the Agri-Kapihan attendees were encouraged to bring their farm produce for sale at the venue.
At first only a few like Mrs. Soledad Agbayani brought seedless watermelons. Before she knew it, all the melons were snapped by attendees. Soon many other attendees brought their own products for sale. And it did not take long before the whole parking area was converted into stalls for selling.
Then Makati Mayor Elenita Binay who used to attend the Sidcor Sunday market suggested that we also develop a weekend market in Makati. That was at the Magallanes business center which was an ailing business center at that time. The place was made alive because of the weekend market.
Two years at the Magallanes area was followed by another two years at the TESDA compound. Then it was finally followed two years later by the transfer of the AANI Weekend Market to the FTI upon the invitation of the FTI authorities then.
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