They Grow Dwarf Mango Trees In Pingtung, Taiwan

They Grow Dwarf Mango Trees In Pingtung, Taiwan
They Grow Dwarf Mango Trees In Pingtung, Taiwan
Zac B. Sarian with a basket of red mangoes grown in Pingtung.

WE WERE really amazed looking at hectares upon hectares of low-growing mango trees heavily laden with fruits in Pingtung county in the southernmost part of Taiwan.

The trees are just about six feet tall with some fruiting branches just about waist-high. The trees we saw are already mature and must have been bearing fruit for several years. Severe pruning seems to be the mode in Pingtung. Just about a foot above the ground, two or three main branches are developed and made to produce fruiting branches. Many of the fruits are just breast-high.

They Grow Dwarf Mango Trees In Pingtung, Taiwan
Photo shows the low-growing mango trees in Pingtung in the southern part of Taiwan. Wrapping their fruits to protect them from pests is easy. So is harvesting the mature fruits.

The planting system is a great contrast from the system in the Philippines where the latest recommendation is to plant mango trees 14 to 20 meters apart. This allows the trees to grow very tall, making management difficult and very expensive.

Low-growing mango trees offer significant advantages. For one, management is easier. Spraying the trees against pests and diseases is much easier. Harvesting is also very convenient. One does not have to employ harvesters who have to climb the tall trees to pick the fruits. Bagging the fruits is also much easier. Bagging protects the fruits from insect pests and also makes the fruits more clean-looking.

The Pingtung mango growers produce red-colored fruits that are juicy and with excellent eating quality. Perhaps, it is about time Philippine mango growers should make their own experiments in growing low-growing carabao mango trees. Many have expressed the opinion that the carabao mango is not suitable for drastic pruning. But why should we not try?

They Grow Dwarf Mango Trees In Pingtung, Taiwan
A plantation of low-growing mango trees in Pingtung, Taiwan.
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  1. Is that what is called apple mango? Are they chemically sprayed or are they natural? We would be interested in seeds if no chemicals are needed.

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