This Fellow Can Teach Farmers How To Produce Microbial Inoculants

RENE T. NAGUIAT has emailed us saying that he has the technology that will teach farmers how to produce their own microbial inoculants that will enable them to produce their own organic fertilizer. Below is what he wrote:

Despite the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010, hardly can you find organic fertilizers being produced by ordinary farmers. DA promotes vermiculture and the use of trichoderma in the production of organic fertilizers. Vermicast is an excellent biofertilizer but difficult to produce in quantity. Trichoderma, produced in BSWM (Bureau of Soils and Water Management) laboratories, ย is hard to find and has a short shelf life.

Rapid composting inoculants are available commercially but are quite expensive. What if farmers can be taught how to produce these microbial inoculants? ย Don’t give the fish but teach how to fish. I have the technology and wish to share.

Rene T. Naguiat is the chairman and CEO of Agricultural Inoculants Corporation. CP# 0927-666-0622.

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