Three Doable Farming Ideas

Here are three doable ideas you can use in your own brand of farming.
RELAY CROPPING – One technique being done by a garlic grower in Ilocos is called relay cropping. Garlic is mulched in Ilocos, using rice straw.
When the garlic plants are two to three months old, the garlic plantation is irrigated. A few days later, the farmer dibbles seeds of sweet corn or glutinous corn, one seed per hole. The distance between the corn plants is about a meter apart.
When the garlic is harvestable, the corn plants would already be flowering and in a month after harvesting the garlic, the corn could be ready for harvesting for boiling.
CASH CROP UNDER TRELLIS – We remember the practical technique of the late David Remandaban in Tacloban City. He has long passed away but we remember his practical technique.
He grew his vine vegetables on a trellis in the form of a quonset using bamboo slats. His vine vegetable could be patola, squash, upo or ampalaya.
Since it takes some time before the vine vegetables reach the top of the trellis, he plants short term crops under the trellis such as pechay, mustard and the like. Before the vine vegetables could reach the top of the trellis and block sunlight underneath, the cash crops would already be harvested.
DISTRIBUTING THE PIGLETS – David Remandaban also had a way of freeing some of his breeding pigs from nursing their piglets so they can be bred sooner. He synchronized the coming in heat of his sows with the use of a hormone. Say, six females will come in heat at the same time, they will also give birth at the same time. If the pigs give birth to 10 piglets each, he will distribute the 10 piglets of one sow to the five other breeders. That will free one sow from nursing her piglets and will be ready for breeding again in a matter of one month.

Some people will say that the foster mother pig will usually reject the piglet of another mother pig. David had a remedy for that. He places all the piglets in one pen and let them mix for a few hours. Then ten piglets are distributed to each of the mother pigs. The mother pig will no longer be able to recognize her own litter.

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