LISTEN! Three farming tips you should always keep in mind!

Planting a variety that gives you high quality harvest, like Prolifica eggplant, will reward you handsomely.

You want to grow a crop that you can harvest within a short time so you can have income right away. Sure you do. Don’t you? Okay, here are three tips that can help you.

Tip No.1 – Just produce what you think your target market can absorb. Don’t over-produce, otherwise you will end up with excess harvest that you will not know what to do. Remember, there is what we call quantity control, not just quality control.

Tip No.2 – Grow a variety that is high-yielding with high quality harvest. One that is loved by consumers. Even if the prices will be low because of big supply, you may still make a profit because of your high yield of quality produce.

Tip No.3 – Time  your planting. Don’t plant at the same time as the other farmers. If you will be the only one that has the  supply, God bless you. You will be financially rewarded abundantly.

THERE you are. Good luck.

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