Three Popular Pesticides Get A Facelift

Three Popular Pesticides Get A Facelift

Three Popular Pesticides Get A FaceliftThree crop protection chemicals of an American company have been given a facelift by improving their packaging for better product recognition and in alignment with their company brand identity.

The three are products of Dow AgroSciences of the United States and distributed in the Philippines by Jardine Distribution Inc. which is a member of the Jardine Mathieson Group.

The three products which have enjoyed popularity with Filipino farmers in the past many years are Nurelle, Lorsban and Clincher, it was announced by Sandra de Guia, product manager of the three brands.

Nurelle effectively controls green leafhoppers, whorl maggot, brown planthopper and rice stemborers. It is a broad spectrum insecticide that contains two active components with dual action agains insect pests. The first component is responsible for quick action while the other one ensures long residual effect.

Nurelle also has triple killing action and a quick knockdown effect on pests. This particular products gives longer protection for crops which means farmers need not spray every now and then, making it more economical to use.

On the other hand, Lorsban 3E is claimed to effectively control a wide range of insect pests in crops. It is the ideal for killing worms in crops such as rice, potato, corn and beans.

Lorsban has an active component which kills worms such as armyworm, corn earworm and bean leafrollers by affecting the nervous system of the insect that leads to paralysis and eventual death. This insecticide kills insect pests through multiple actions, namely contact, stomach and respiratory. It provides longer protection and lesser spray intervals for crops, making it more economical to use.

Meanwhile, Clincher is a herbicide for killing grasses in direct seeded rice paddies. The target grasses or weeds absorb the nutrients of the crops which can result in poor harvest. Clincher is applied to the rice field 9 to 21 days after seeding. It is claimed to be safer for use in rice crops compared to other brands.

Grasses killed by Clincher are major species that include Trigo-trigohan, Telebisyon, Palay-Maya and Pulang-Pwet. Clincher is claimed not to be phytotoxic to the rice plants.

Nurelle and Lorsban 3E are available in three sizes โ€“ 1000 ml, 500 ml and 250 m. On the other hand, Clincher has 1000 and 500 ml variants.


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  1. these chems are health hazards ….are you being paid for advertising their face-lifts?…please do something good to the environment too or rally behind organic pesticides….leave this generation a legacy worth remembering your labours.

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