THROUGH MUSIC: They Entice The Young To Go Into Agriculture

Leo Fang and his fiancee Anita Huang entice the young to go into agriculture through music. Anita plays the guitar and also loves to sing just like Leo.

Leo Fang and his fiancee Anita Huang of Yilan County in Taiwan have a unique way of enticing young people to go into agriculture. They do that through music.

Anita plays the guitar and both of them also love to sing. Now and then they ould hold concerts that highlight the joys of farming which can be both enjoyable and financially rewarding.

During concerts and other events, they also sell special agricultural products that include high-priced glutinous rice (NT170 per kilo), special vinegar, home made pickles, jams and others.

Leo was international marketing manager of the Taiwan Leisure Farms Developers Association which counts more than 200 member farms. He is often asked to lecture on leisure farming and agritourism. He is also preparing a field for planting his own rice crop.

Anita, on the other hand, comes from a farming family that operates a piggery.

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