TIGER GROUPER: A Pretty, Tasty Lapu-lapu

TIGER GROUPER: A Pretty, Tasty Lapu-lapu
TIGER GROUPER: A Pretty, Tasty Lapu-lapu
The pretty Tiger Grouper at the Wu Fan Leisure Farm in Pingtung, Taiwan.

Leisure fishing is one of the enjoyable activities that visitors can do at Fu Wan Leisure Farm in Pingtung, the southernmost township in Taiwan. And a favorite of anglers is the Tiger Grouper which is better known in the Philippines as lapu-lapu.

The Tiger Grouper is very attractive because of its color pattern. When crossed with the so-called Dragon Grouper, the progeny is very fast growing and tasty, too. The trouble is that the hybrid grouper does not reproduce.

We visited Fu Wan Leisure Farm on June 16, 2014 upon the invitation of the Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association thru Leo Fang, the international marketing manager.

Hsu Feng Chia, owner of Fu Wan Leisure Farm, said that you just pay NT200 for your catch of a half kilo Tiger Grouper. You can have it cooked in the farm’s restaurant for another NT200.

Tilapia is another species that you can catch in the Fu Wan fishpond. If that’s what you catch, you don’t have to pay anything. It is for free.

TIGER GROUPER: A Pretty, Tasty Lapu-lapu
ZAC B. SARIAN with HSU FENG CHIA, owner of Wu Fan Leisure Farm.
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