TILAPIA CONSULTATIVE MEETING: March 23, 2018, Talisay, Batangas

Tilapia is cultured in cages in Taal Lake.

Santeh Feeds Corporation will conduct its very first Taal Tilapia Stakeholders Consultative Meeting on March 23, 2018, Friday 1-5 pm, at the NDN Resort, Talisay, Batangas. This was announced by Dennis Rito, marketing coordinator of Santeh Feeds Corporation, maker of Tateh Feeds for livestock and aquaculture.

The event aims to (1) raise awareness on the importance of the programming of cage stocking schedules to address marketing concerns; (2) to enhance the knowledge of Tilapia cage operators in Taal on production forecasting; (3) to raise market demand for Taal tilapia; and (4) to facilitate market linkages through the help of different stakeholders.

For more information, contact JD Palabasan at 0917-820-1242 and (02) 913-1068 or at johndel.palabasan@tateh.com.

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