To Be No.1 In Your Farming (Agri Tip No.8)

(This is one more idea that you can apply when doing your own brand of farming)


It pays handsomely to be No. 1 in your particular field of farming. And there are several ways that you can be Number One.

No.1 to grow a new outstanding crop in your locality –ย If the crop is really good it could make you rich.Say you are the first person to grow Mama Sita banana in your town in the province. You don’t only make money from the fruits. You can make money from selling the suckers to others who would like to plant the same.

The same is true with the Indian black pepper variety Paniyur which produces long fruit spikes. You don’t only make money from the fruits. You can sell the rooted cuttings.

No.1 in bringing your product to market – We remember an engineer in Bulacan who prepares his ampalaya farm two weeks ahead of his neighbors by using a tractor to plow the field. That way he plants his ampalaya two weeks earlier than his competitors. Thus, he can sell his harvest ahead at a higher price.

No.1 in terms of quality – If your harvests are of the highest quality, you can dictate the price. Which could be much higher than the rest of the competition.ย 

No.1 in terms of fairness to customers – Being helpful and nice to your customers will pay handsomely. The buyers of your produce will keep going back to you.

No.1 in farming know-how – People will patronize your products and services if they know you are the expert in your line of farming. People will come to you for advice. You can also be a paid consultant. Or you can conduct seminars for a fee.

Now you see you can be No.1 in a number of ways. And it usually pays to be No.1.

This is the long spike of the Indian black
pepper, variety Paniyur. If you are the
first to acquire it in your locality, grow and
multiply it. You can make money by selling
the rooted cuttings to other farmers. One strategy
is to produce a lot of planting materials before
releasing the same. Otherwise other growers might
overtake you in producing more planting materials.
Then you will not be No.1

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