TO THE RESCUE: Megafol can treat fallen old mango trees!

DO YOU remember the crazy idea I posted in this blog on May 2, 2020? Of course you do if you are a regular visitor to my blog. It is about knocking down old mango trees. It has gone viral!

Megafol is a biostimulant that enables stressed plants to recover fast. It also works wonders on un-stressed plants.

GREAT STRESS – Of course the toppled tree suffered great stress from the procedure. But there is a product that can make it recover fast from its traumatic experience. The product is called Megafol, a biostimulant extracted from seaweeds through nanotechnology. Because the particles are superfine, they are readily absorbed by the sprayed plants. That helps the plant to recover fast from stresses. Now you have a big tree lying on the ground. Very easy to manage. Easy to spray flower inducer. Easy to spray fungicide and insecticide to protect the flowers, leaves and fruits from fungus and insect pests. Easy to harvest, too.

HEREโ€™S HOW TO DO IT – Take a plastic drum with a capacity of 200 liters. Fill half of it with 100 liters of clean water. Then add 300 grams of Megafol and stir well. With a power sprayer, spray thoroughly the whole fallen tree. Thatโ€™s it! Observe how the tree recovers. It will produce new leaves after some time.

GREAT ON UN-STRESSED PLANTS – Megafol could tremendously boost the growth and development of un-stressed plants. In juvenile plants it will promote extensive root development so the plant becomes more resistant to drought. In fruiting trees, it makes them strong and fruit fall could be prevented or minimized.

WHERE TO ORDER – Megafol is distributed by Zetryl Chem Philippines headed by businessman Danton Pajarillaga. Contact 0917-503-8080 or 0998-9612961.ย  Email:

Businessman Danton Pajarillaga, president of Zetryl Chem Phils.(0917-793-3267)
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