Tomato Preserve & Condiments

Tomato Preserve & Condiments

MARIA CONCEPCION M. ARCEGA of Lubao, Pampanga,  is a psychology graduate who has opted to be a farmer and food processor while her engineer husband is working in the Middle East.

She grows rice and various vegetables the organic way. She is head of the Florida-Lubao Organic Farmers Association (FLOFA). She is also developing processed foods and condiments out of hot pepper and tomatoes.

Tomato Preserve & Condiments
Maria Concepcion M. Arcega
and her whole tomato preserves.

She has come up with whole tomato preserves that could last for a year as per the test by the Department of Science and Technology. She has also come up with a chili-garlic paste, hot chili powder and flakes. The products are ready for commercialization pending approval by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD).

Tomato Preserve & Condiments
Maria Concepcion M. Arcega’s
Chili-Garlic paste.

She is being helped by the Department of Science and Technology in connection with product quality, packaging and label disign while the Department of Trade and Industry is helping her in marketing.
She could be contacted at 0917-826-0324.

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