TOMATO PRICES: P80 Per Kg In Metro Manila Market; As Low As P4 Per Kg In Liliw, Laguna Farms, Many Fruits Just Thrown Away

We could only shake our head in dismay when we heard the market report at DZMM this morning (May 26) that tomato was selling at P80 per kilo in Metro Manila. When we visited Liliw, Laguna on May 24, the farmers were complaining about the low prices the traders are offering for their harvests. The bigger fruits (about 50 grams) were being bought at P6 to P8 per kilo whereas the smaller ones were bought at P4 per kilo or are just thrown away.


These tomatoes are still good for consumption but because they are small and traders are willing to pay only P4 per kilo, the farmers in Liliw just throw them away.


The ripe tomatoes at the back are discards because the traders only offer P4 per kilo and they can’t buy them all at that price. The ones at right are still to be sorted to select the ones the traders will buy at P6 to P8 per kilo.

The fact is that many of the smaller fruits are just thrown away. They are otherwise suitable for consumption except that they are small and the traders are willing to pay only P4 per kilo.

Big areas in the uplands of Liliw are being devoted to high-value vegetables including tomatoes, cucumber, sitao, eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, and others. According to Mario Cortez of Brgy. Ilayang Sungi, members of their cooperative coming from three barangays are cultivating no less than 360 hectares.


Your blogger, Zac B. Sarian at right, posing with farmers sorting their tomato harvest in Liliw, Laguna, May 24, 2018.





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