TOMATOBERRY – Very Sweet And Very Expensive

TOMATOBERRY - Very Sweet And Very Expensive
Shinya Nakamura and his Tomatoberry.

At the Agrilink 2013, we met Shinya Nakamura, manager of the International Division of Tokita Seed Company of Nakagawa, Saitama, Japan. 

He was at the booth of Ramgo International to promote a new cherry tomato which he calls Tomatoberry (like strawberry). This is a very expensive tomato in Japan that is very sweet and juicy. 
When sliced into half lengthwise, the half portion is shaped like a heart. It could be a bestseller during Christmas and Valentine’s Day, according to Nakamura.  

In Japan it is selling at at 300 yen per 15 pieces. And how much is one seed? It is available at Ramgo International headed by Pamela Ong Chan at P36  each.This is an indeterminate variety and is for greenhouse culture. One plant is said to be able to produce 450 fruits in one season. It is now being grown at Victoria Farm in Cavite.
TOMATOBERRY - Very Sweet And Very Expensive
The halved Tomatoberry is heart-whaped.
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