Transform That Old Bougainvillea Into A P25,000 Beauty, Or More

Do you have an old old bougainvillea in your garden that has developed a big trunk and is so monstrous you would like to eliminate it? Cut it down and throw it away? Use it as fuel wood? Wait a minute. Donโ€™t make that drastic move.

Noel and Bebet Aton pose with the old bougainvillea onto which Noel grafted a red bougainvillea variety from Thailand. The selling price is P25,000. At their back can be seen the much bigger bougainvillea with white flowers. The tag price is P100,000.

Actually you can transform that bougainvillea which has virtually developed a woody trunk into something of great value. You can do what Noel Aton of Davao City has been doing to over-aged bougainvilleas. Noel is in the landscaping business and he has transformed a number of old bougainvilleas into high-value beauties that can be used in landscaping projects or as an attention-getter in the home.

What has he been doing? He balls the old bougainvillea, trims it to its desired height, and plants it in a big container. After establishing the plant and after it has developed several branches to form a crown, he grafts onto the branches his desired variety.

One example is an old bougainvillea onto which he grafted a red variety from Bangkok, Thailand. He displayed the same in his stall at the Kadayawan Agri Trade Fair in Davao City. He is selling it at P25,000.

Noel has an even bigger specimen onto which he grafted a pure white variety. And how much is he selling? A cool P100,000!

Noel and his wife Bebet are among the busiest landscapers in Davao City today. Among other projects, they have been maintaining the landscaping of SM Mall in Ecoland, Davao City and SM Mall in Gensan for about nine years now.

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