TRAPPED!!!: A Poison-Free Liquid Glue That Captures All Kinds Of Crawling & Flying Pests In Homes & Farms


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A bottle of Trapped!!

Here is a new a poison-free product for households and farms that will catch both flying and crawling insects and other pests

It is called TRAPPED, ย and it is now available in the Philippines, thanks to Zetryl Chem Philippines headed by chemist-business executive Danton B. Pajarillaga.

When brushed on a portion of a fruit tree trunk, for instance, it will catch ants and other crawling critters that usually infest various crops. It can be painted on tarpaulin and similar materials to catch flying insects. In rice fields in Sri Linka, it was observed to be very effective in catching practically all kinds of insects in the rice field.


Trapped Tarp 5

In home gardens and plantations, TRAPPED will capture all kinds of crawling and flying pests like mealy bugs, ants, thrips, centipedes, spiders, scamming beetles, wasps, hornets, flies, mosquitoes, white flies, fruit flies, aphids and many more.

TRAPPED is recommended for use inside greenhouses for growing vegetables, fruit plantations such as banana, pineapple, mango, grapes, calamansi, durian, pummelo, chillis and others.

TRAPPED remains effective for as long as six months. After application, TRAPPED becomes a highly sticky glue that is neither toxic nor flammable. TRAPPED does not dry out and keeps its sticky characteristic property even after long exposure to climatic changes like heavy rain and extreme heat.

For more information, contact Danton B. Pajarillaga at 0917-793-3267 or Marketing Department at 0917-503-8080 or 0998-961-2961 or landline (02)-372-5543.


Trapped Tarp 3

Insects caught in a rice field in Sri Lanka managed by Zetryl and Its Sri Lankan partner.





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