We Should Try The Thai Warty Pumpkins In The Philippines

Ric Reyes (right) of East-West Seed poses with farmer Pongsak Chuysong with his harvest of Prakaingern warty pumpkin.

Prakaingern, the latest to be introduced by East-West, is a large flat round blotchy pumpkin that is resistant to viruses. Plant is vigorous, prolific and matures in 95-100 days.

The warty pumpkins which are now the favorite in Thailand should be introduced in the Philippines for whatever they are worth. They are reported to be high-yielding, resistant to diseases, and have good eating quality.

Two of the varieties developed by East-West Seed are called Prakaingern and Prakaithong. One of the satisfied farmers who planted Prakaingern is Pongsak Chuysong who got three tons from 1,600 square meters or one rai. He sold his harvest at 10 baht per kilo so he grossed 30,000 baht from that small area.

Actually he planted the same variety in 13 rai which is equivalent to 2.8 hectares. From that space, he grossed 390,000 baht. In Philippine peso, that is equivalent to P624,000. He estimated his production cost at 65,000 baht or P104,000. So he got a net income of P520,000 in Philippine money.

Khun Ream, a pumpkin trader in Korat Market, Nakhonratchasima province, gives thumb up sign for Prakaithong, a new hybrid from East-West Seed.

Prakaithong is a prolific hybrid that roduces highly uniform large flat round warty fruits, 6-8 kg per fruit. Flesh is dark yellow with excellent eating quality.

Ric Reyes, East-Westโ€™s Global Product and Market Combination manager, says that the warty pumpkins are very delicious. Their eating quality is better than mny traditional varieties in the market. He really believes that the warty varieties should be introduced in the Philippines.

Thai farmer (left) who plants warty pumpkins poses with the East West Seed Team in Thailand.

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