Two Alugbati Seed Ideas

TOTO BARCELONA of Harbest Agribusiness has two bright ideas about Alugbati, a favorite vegetable of Ilonggos. Plant the seeds and harvest the shoots while they are just a couple of inches long. Stir-fry these with salt to taste or with oyster sauce. He swears this is very delicious and nutritious too.
Another idea that Toto wants to share. Grow your alugbati to full maturity so they will bear fruit. The fruits, he says, are superb for making jam. The jam contains, according to him, a lot of antioxidants.
We have two varieties, the green and purple, in our own vegetable garden. The green variety which came from China produces extra large leaves. It readily bears fruits and the young plants from seed are very vigorous. Of course, Alugbati is easily propagated by means of cuttings.
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