Two Sweet And Aromatic Dwarf Coconuts

Two Sweet And Aromatic Dwarf Coconuts

DR. PABLITO PAMPLONA has a dream for his retirement. He has started propagating in earnest two dwarf varieties of coconuts that are currently commercially grown in Thailand and Malaysia.

By the way, Dr. Pamplona is a retired professor and researcher from the University of Southern Mindanao (USM) in Kabacan, North Cotabato. He has big projects in oil palm, rubber and fruit trees but much of the management has been delegated to his son Joseph.

Two Sweet And Aromatic Dwarf Coconuts
JOSEPH PAMPLONA and the Nam Hom dwarf coconut that has sweet water with very refreshing aroma.

Now, his pet dream is to plant about five hectares to the two dwarf coconut varieties called Nam wan and Nam Hom. These varieties start bearing fruit as early as three years from planting so that their first fruits are just a few inches above the ground.

What is remarkable about these exotic coconut varieties is that they produce tender nuts and sweet water. One, particularly the Nam Hom, is said to have a very refreshing aroma.

He envisions that after establishing the five-hectare dwarf coconut farm, it could be an eco-tourism destination where people visit to partake of the sweet and tender young coconuts.

As of now, he has a number of ten-year-old trees that are prolific. He is propagating all the mature nuts for his project. And he is not yet ready to sell his seedlings to other people. His seedlings are for his dream farm in the meantime.

Two Sweet And Aromatic Dwarf Coconuts
This is the heavily fruiting Nam Wan coconut with sweet water.
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17 thoughts on “Two Sweet And Aromatic Dwarf Coconuts

    1. none at Sarian Farm just dwarf – the last Horti Show there was a seller of aromatic coconut from Thailand – they should be back at the next Garden Expo on Feb26-mar9 so visit their event at the QC circle – East Ave Gate

    1. Sarian Farm has now a limited number of the dwarf sweet water coconut called Nam Wan from Thailand. They were sent by Dr. Pablito P. Pamplona for selling at Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. The seedlings are sold on a first-come-first served basis. Txt Rose at 0915-434-4216 for info how to buy some of the seedlings.

    1. Buy Nam Hom dwarf coconut trees from Thailand is much safer than to buy from some dishonest sellers elsewhere . T coconut water gets sweeter with age. The very young coconut that hardly has any coconut meat the water is a little sour and will get sweeter as it grows older/bigger and the coconut meat getting more in volume/thicker. The very young nut; a bit sour water is good for people who have high blood sugar and those ladies who are on the watch for weight gain.
      Nam Hom coconut is the best coconut for fresh coconut-water in the world, period.

  1. Hi I was wondering if any of this Nam Hom or Nam Wan coconut water turn pink when sunlight shine on it?

    I been seeing alot of bottle coconut water at the supermarket is pink fro this brand Harmless and Mighty Bee.

    Claimed that the color change after bottling light shine on it and change to pink.

    Did this two companies added something other ingredient to make it change color?

    Thank you please email me back

      1. Sir may i know if pede bumili kahit 10 seed nuts lang po sa nam hom at 10 din sa nam wan variety? Nasa leyte po ako. Thanks po

          1. How can I get in touch with you. Two phone numbers of Rose not working anymore. please contact me Jess 0917 521 5212.

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