Typhoon Yolanda Victims Trained To Grow Vegetables

Typhoon Yolanda Victims Trained To Grow Vegetables
Typhoon Yolanda Victims Trained To Grow Vegetables
Teresita Belimac, president of Caga-ot Farmers Association in Salcedo is showing the carrots she planted in her backyard.

A TOTAL of 118 victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda from the towns of Guiuan, Mercedes and Salcedo in Eastern Samar have trained on growing high-yielding vegetables and are now planting their own crops.

The season-long training was under the auspices of the SM Foundation which has been conducting similar trainings in many parts of the country for more than five years now. This is the Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan Farmers’ Training Program.

Typhoon Yolanda Victims Trained To Grow Vegetables
Maxima Ramoco, member of the Sung-an Farmers Association in Mercedes showing her trellised string beans. She shared her technique to her fellow farmers.

The Eastern Samar  trainees used to depend on rice and coconut, and on fishing. But their crops were wiped out by Yolanda and their fishing boats destroyed. Now, many of them are growing vegetables as an alternative source of income.

Typhoon Yolanda Victims Trained To Grow Vegetables
The harvest of the Eastern Samar trainees

A group of farmers put up a one-hectare vegetable farm planted to string beans and root crops in their barangay. Some them have their own backyard vegetable gardens and they said they no longer depend on relief goods for their sustenance.

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0 thoughts on “Typhoon Yolanda Victims Trained To Grow Vegetables

  1. The concept is very helpful.looking forward to discuss more ideas with SM Foundation via this column,we have an idea to apply in times of crisis(urgent) for the Asian region and other countries.

  2. This initiative of SM Foundation is commendable. I interviewed Ms. Teresita Belimac in Cagaut and some Farmers of Salcedo, they said that they needed more Seeds and Seedlings as well as Fertilizer . The land in these areas are not fertile because of Mineral content. Hence, they need to learn to produce organic ferlilizer. I suggested that they
    start also Poultry and Piggery to support their income. It will be good if SM will guarantee
    their production by buying their produce for SM Supermarkets. I was able to taste
    the newly harvested Lettuce in Guiuan thru Mrs. Marge de la Cruz of GDFI. Although smaller than the produce in Europe, it tasted much better. I think that the Farmers and Fisherfolks will be more motivated to produce these perishable products so that they will continue planting.

    1. There is much more to do,we must present new plan to make those farmers to stay safe in times of crisis like the typhoon Yolanda.Our telecommunication,Transportation,and logistics are important to upgrade for the best function it can serve,we have a new tech support for those infrastructures and we must present and apply it.

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