Ubi Processor Has A Bright Contract-Growing Scheme

Ubi is in demand in big volumr but the supply has always been short.

A company that processes fruits and rootcrops had always a difficult time looking for supplies of Ubi or purple yam which is made into powder used in making ice cream. various bakery products and more. So the owner has come up with a scheme that he hopes will ensure enough supply of Ubi for processing.

We are not at liberty, however, to disclose the company because we have not asked permission. But here is the scheme. He has started with several farmer cooperators in Northern Mindanao who will grow the Ubi for the company. The Ubi will be grown in growbags filled with porous growing media that is rich in organic material.

The companyโ€™s researchers have found that if coco peat is added to the growing media, the moisture will be retained for a long time so that daily watering would not be necessary. In six to eight months, the Ubi roots will be harvestable Harvesting would be very easy because the crop is not grown in the ground. Harvesting will not not require any digging.

This is the deal. The company will provide the seedpieces and the growbag complete with growing media for free. And the company will buy the harvest at the prevailing price in the market.

The owner of the company believes the scheme is a win-win situation for both the farmers and his company. We think personally it is a smart strategy.

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12 thoughts on “Ubi Processor Has A Bright Contract-Growing Scheme

  1. greetings sir, i hope you can provide the contact details of the person or company offering to go into contract growing of ube in bags.. would like to learn more about the project..
    hope to hear from you soon..
    thank you and best regards..

  2. Hello Sir! How do I get intouch with this company? I am a farmer here in Ozamiz City also of northern mindanao and Im interested to get involve in this venture. Hoping for your kind response. Thank you!

          1. Thank you Sir. Please update me if permission is granted already to disclose their identity. Thanks very much!

      1. Sir, Its the other way around, please give my email address to the company and that I am interested in planting ubi

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