UNAHGRO: A New Outfit Under The Univet Group Distributes 4 New Organic Fertilizers

UNAHGRO: A New Outfit Under The Univet Group For Farm Crops
UNAHGRO: A New Outfit Under The Univet Group For Farm Crops
Soil Set, Agro Mos, Grain Set and Crop Set all contribute to higher yields in rice and other crops.

A new business unit under the Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company (UNAHCO) has been organized to handle its agricultural product lines. It is called Unahco Agronomy or Unahgro.

The new business unit is headed by Rebecco “Jun” Remorque, a senior manager of the Business Development Group. Unahgro has already successfully introduced a new line of organic-based liquid fertilizers to rice, corn and vegetable farmers in Cagayan Valley and Nueva Ecija. The next agenda is to expand the distribution of the new fertilizers to the rest of Luzon.

The organic-based liquid fertilizers are under the brand names Soil Set, Agro Mos, Grain Set and Crop Set. They are listed in the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) of the United States for use in organic crop production.Together, they address all crop needs from soil preparation to crop protection and growth enhancement up to the time of harvest.

UNAHGRO: A New Outfit Under The Univet Group For Farm Crops
The four fertilizers distributed by Unahgro from Alltech Crop Science significantly increase corn yields.

According to Remorque, they have successfully demonstrated initially in Cagayan Valley and Nueva Ecija that the use of the organic-based liquid fertilizers has significantly increased yields, at the same time reducing the use of chemical fertilizers. He added that part of their commitment is to promote organic farming as a means of promoting sustainable food production and overall food security for the country.

The products are all developed by Kentucky-based Alltech Crop Science, a leading agronomic solutions provider whose state-of-the-art production facilities are supported by an ultra-modern fermentation system, a research farm, a world-renowned development laboratory and the world’s largest yeast fermentation facility in Brazil.

SOIL SET is applied during soil preparation before planting or after harvest to revitalize the soil by activating the soil microflora. It improves mineral availability for plant nutrition and contains specific bacterial metabolites like natural enzymes that aid in plant development and improved growth by promoting healthier root systems.

AGRO MOS, on the other hand, provides essential nutrient to fight environmental stresses affecting crops. It optimizes crop quality and improves yield by providing nutrients utilized in plant metabolic processes and reduces disease susceptibility through proper nutrition. It can even be used to revive plants that have been stricken by diseases.

CROP SET, for its part is ideal for fruits and vegetables. It is a micronutrient fertilizer that supplies sulfur, copper, iron and manganese to the growing crop with a special formulation of high performance nutrients and fermentation technology than enhances the plant’s ability to utilize nutrients to optimize yields and improve crop color, quality and uniformity.

GRAIN SET, meanwhile, is a liquid source of sulfur, manganese and zinc specially formulated for cereal and grain production like rice and corn. It optimizes nutrient uptake, thereby increasing yields, nutritional value, and overall crop quality.

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