UNCONVENTIONAL WISDOM: They Don’t Clip Needle Teeth Of Newborn Piglets

Piglets suckling their mother. Prolonged suckling could hurt the teats but there is a way to avoid this. So read on.

The usual advice to pig raisers when their sows give birth is to clip the needle teeth of the piglets because if not, they will hurt the teats of their mother and that could lead to trouble.

At the RDF Piggery in Pampanga and Tarlac, however, the swine experts donโ€™t resort to clipping the needle teeth. Why? Clipping would be laborious, especially if the piggery has hundreds of sows that give birth daily. Also, clipping could result in infection causing stress to the piglets.

To prevent hurting the teats of the mother pig, the sow is feed as many as 6 times a day. By doing this, the mother pig will be standing while eating so that the piglets canโ€™t remain suckling for long periods, thus avoiding hurting the teats.

Unconventional wisdom? It is simple wisdom, period!

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