GENTLE PUNISHMENT: Memoirs Of An Agri Journalist

The late Abe Tadeja, a very good friend, was about the first commercial manufacturer of organic fertilizer that we know. He had a factory in the outskirts of Quezon City. And his workers were young men who were mostly his nephews or close relatives.

Every now and then one would get drunk or into some other misdemeanor. Whenever one commits such a mistake, Abe had a unique way of punishing the culprit.

He would make him report to his house. He would not berate the guy. Instead, he would give him snacks to eat and let him sit in the rocking chair to watch TV the whole day.

That was his way of punishing the erring worker. Abe explained that the guy would be the butt of jokes of his fellow workers. They would be laughing at him all day, and most likely he would not repeat his mistake. Abe swore that his technique worked wonders.

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