UNTOLD STORY: The tailor who closed his shop to farm, beating the soldiers in farming

Eddie Odsigue also grew various vegetables which he supplied to the Antipolo market.

You remember Eddie Odsigue, right? We featured him in this blog on April 23, 2020. He is the tailor who closed his tailoring shop in 1978 so he could be a full-time farmer. He persevered and won, right? Now, here is his untold story. Read on.

Eddie sewed uniforms for the Army. When Martial Law was declared in 1972, some of the Presidential Security Guards who had become his friends invited him to go to Teresa, Rizal where they could settle and claim some public land. Thatโ€™s what they did and got what they had wanted.

The soldiers had their own farm land and Eddie had his, too. It was difficult to develop the property because there was no water that was readily available. The soldiers also did their own farming. They planted various crops which perished during summer due to drought or due to fire. Their plants got burned. Eventually, the soldiers gave up.

In the case of Eddie, he persisted. He took pains in obtaining water to water his plants during the dry months. He soon found out that when the young trees have survived the hot summer, they will not perish. When the rains came in May, they got well established.

Eddie who had no previous experience in growing crops beat the soldiers in the game called farming. So can you if you really want to.

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